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The drawings were prepared using any official C & O drawings available from the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc., on-site measurements, and photographs. All are in 1/4" scale and direction is railroad direction.  Please note that as a result of a loop in the New River at Hinton, geographical North corresponds to railroad South, and geographical East is railroad West. The drawing typically refer to railroad direction – not geographical direction.

Many were initially prepared starting with Generic CADD® and were subsequently transferred to VISUAL CADD®. CADD files in GENERIC CADD® format, VISUAL CADD® format, AUTOCAD DXF format, and AUTOCAD® format can be made available under terms limiting their reproduction and distribution.  I will email the CADD files to any individual interested in closely examining the drawings upon their agreement not to reproduce and/or distribute copies. VISUAL CADD® has a free utility which permits viewing the drawing without purchasing the full CADD program. 

The linked Adobe Acrobat® files were printed to file and then distilled using Adobe Acrobat Distiller to architectural size paper in Adobe pdf format prints.  You may print them and zoom in if one uses Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later is recommended. Here is a link to download the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader. Typical file size is runs from 25K to 104K bytes.   Areas which are "Hatched" with "Concrete" do not translate correctly and the hatch displays as a pattern of "+"s.

I will make N, HO, S and O scale copies available in pdf format upon an agreement not to reproduce and/or distribute copies.   

I have concentrated on structures for which The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc. does not have drawings, has only partial drawings, or although it may have the drawings in the archives, they have not been found or indexed. 

HINTON YARDS - A pdf scan of C & O Drawing No. 6281-A which illustrates the Hinton and Avis Yards.  This document was done in four (4) panels as the original drawing is approximately 32" x 12" at a scale of 1/4" = 100'.  Page 1 starts at the left and are arranged 1, 2, 3 & 4 horizontally.  The drawing was revised to 1978, and therefore all track changes and structures removed prior to 1978 are reflected in the drawing. A larger scale drawing (1" = 200') of the Hinton and Avis Yards circa 1946 may be obtained from the C & O Historical Society - Drawing No. 6281  (Note no "A") which is approximately 24" x 110".

HINTON COAL DOCK DRAWINGS                   --    AS REBUILT 1946    Notes

        1.  800 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coal Dock R.R. East Elevation

        2.   800 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coal Dock R.R. West Elevation

        3.   800 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coal Dock R.R. North Elevation

        4.   800 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coal Dock R.R. South Elevation

        5.   800 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coal Dock Sections

        6.   Fairbanks Morse Coal Dock Coal Dock Plan (Hinton)

        7.   Coal Dock Foreman’s Office, Locker & Toilet

        8.   Coal Dock Pit Construction Details (from Fairbanks Morse drawings)

        9.   Interior Details of Monitor (from Fairbanks-Morse drawing).

        10. 3D Drawing of Fairbanks Morse Co. 800 Ton Coal Dock  Concrete structure of Coal Dock.  Solid Outline works best for viewing in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.  Browser pdf viewrs will not work in 3D.   Click on drawing to activate 3D mode. (WORK IN PROGRESS)




        1.     William Sparkmon's Drawings & Notes on the Chessie Coal Docks     Note.

        2.     M1 Coal Dock East & North Elevations (WORK IN PROGRESS)

        3.     M1 Coal Dock West & South Elevations (WORK IN PROGRESS)


C & O 800 Ton Fairbanks Morse Coal Docks

            Stevens, Kentucky – Elevated Hoist House & Additional Internal Coal Bin, and Coaling Chutes. After 1948.

a)        North Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. East)

b)        East Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. South)

c)        West Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. North)

d)        South Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. West)

Fulton Yard, Richmond, Virginia – Straight Hoist Shaft and modified Hoist House.

a)        North Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. East)

b)        East Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. South)

c)        West Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. North)

d)        South Elevation (similar to Hinton R.R. West)



        1.  200 Ton Fairbanks Morse Sand Bunker (2 elevations)            Note

        2.  200 Ton Fairbanks Morse Sand Bunker (2 elevations)

3   Sections, Plan and Details



               1.    Three track Fairbanks Morse 60 Cu.Ft. Universal Cinder Conveyer (Mellin Patent)(After 1943) (WORK IN PROGRESS)

               Chillingsworth Air Operated Cinder Hoist  - Not used at Hinton (used at Richmond), but the details of the cinder hoist                provide engineering details of the size and weight of steel used and particularly of the dumping mechanism which was               used on "Universal" cinder conveyors manufactured by Fairbanks-Morse, Ogle, and Roberts & Shaefer, and should

               be helpful to any modeler attempting to build a "Universal" cinder conveyor.

               Cinder Conveyor of Unknown type used at Hinton, Gladstone & Cheviot.  Scaled from photographs and "re-engineered". 

               See photo below of Cinder Conveyor at Hinton with Fairbanks Morse & Co. Universal Cinder Conveyor immediately behind.

               See April 2007 issue of the C & O Historical Magazine for photos of Gladstone. 

                                     CSPR 281  Used with permission

            2.    Fire Hose House Building 70

            3.    Arch Brick Storage House Building 88 (WORK IN PROGRESS)

            4.    D & M Pump House Building 100 Part of the Engine Wash Rack System

            5.    Ash Pan Thawing Devices (scanned from C & O Drawing)

            6.    1930 Wash Rack (Based upon drawing found in Chief Engineers files when Wash Rack was rebuilt ca. 1947.)

            7.    a)    Wash Rack Sections as rebuilt circa 1947 (Complete except for D&M Wash Machine & pipes)

                   b)    Wash Rack Plan View as rebuilt circa 1947 with Grids Installed & D & M Pump House

                   c)    D&M Wash Machine Arrangement. (WORK IN PROGRESS) (Early partial draft).

                   d)   Notes

            8.    Hostler's Shanty Building #103

            9.    Bethlehem 115' Twin Span Turntable & Turntable Pit (WORK IN PROGRESS) (Note)

            10.  Robertson Cinder Conveyor Re-Arrangement (Hinton, WV/Phoebus, VA) Apparently was used at Hinton to de-cinder Steam Crane.

                   The Robertson was located just west of the Ice House and was removed in 1943.

            11.   Coal House Building 83 (WORK IN PROGRESS)

            12.   Assist. Yard Foreman's Office Bldg 51.  Later became the Grand Central Yard Office.

            13.   Store Room Building 75.  Attached to the Mallet Engine House.  Converted from Materials Storage 1925, Retired 1940.

            14.   Engine Supply House Building 86.

            15.   Ice House Building 87.

            16.   Electric Pump House Building 35

            17.   Grand Central Yard Office  Appearance of Bldg. 51 after it was moved to foot of Virginia Ave (Virginia Ave not open).

            18.   Water Treatment Plant Building 99 (WORK IN PROGRESS)




                       COHS Photo:  Used with permission.

1.         Tool House Section 122                                             Note

2.         Hostler’s & Passenger Car Equipment House

3.         Switchmen’s Shanty Building 27

4.         Signal & Water Supply House Building 28

5.         Motor Car House No. 1 Building 29

6.         Ice House & Icing Platform Building 30                   Ice House

7.         Ice House & Icing Platform Building 30 (1934)        Before western ice platform added.

8.         Engine Yard Laborer’s Shanty Building 31

9.         Linemen’s Tool House Building 106             Note

10.       Propane Gas Storage House Building 108                 Note

11.       Inspection Motor Car House Building 109

12.       Rear Airmen’s Shanty                                     Note

13.       Scale House Building 33 - WORK IN PROGRESS


HINTON ROUNDHOUSE  Roundhouse Article (1905-1980)

       1.  Plan View Circa 1905-1910   Updated 5/14/2007

a.      "As Built" End Walls and Rear Panel Elevation (typical) drawings.

b.      End Walls and Rear Panel Elevation (typical) drawings after monitor roof was added (before 1916).

c.      Typical Section through monitor roof.

2.         Plan Circa 1916 Updated /22/2007

a.      End Wall and Rear Panel Elevations (typical)

b.      Section through typical stall (12 thru 17).

c.      Profile of Pits 12 & 13

d.      Profile of Pits 14 thru 17

3.         Plan Circa 1930

a.      Section through typical stall (5 thru 11)

b.      Rear Panel Elevations (1930)

c.      Profile of Pits 1 thru 11

d.      R.R. East End Wall at Power House

e.      The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc. has drawings of the 1928-29 addition.

4.         Plan Circa 1943

a.      End Wall at Stall 17 and Rear Panel Elevations

b.      Section through Stall 16, Roundhouse Office, End Wall Stall 14

c.      T-1 & T-2 Trusses

d.      T-3 & T-4 Trusses

e.      The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc. has drawing of the 1942 addition.

5.         Plan Circa 1946

a.      Firewall Addition of 1946 with existing firewall.

b.      Profile of Doors and extended stalls 1 thru 13.

6.         Plan Circa 1953 (Incomplete)

7.        Drawing of Proposed Concrete Block wall to seal east end of Roundhouse after Stall No. 1 was retired circa 1957.

8.        Drawings of Machine Shop, Blacksmith Shop, and Carpenter Shop -- Note that the drawings of the Blacksmith Shop, etc., are based upon the known  footprint (per C & O drawings), drawings of the proposed roundhouse dated 1903 which contain a railroad east elevation of the blacksmith shop (not as drawn here), a photo of the doors of the Blacksmith Shop or Oil House, a photo of the rear of the roundhouse in which one can see a roof monitor, and the drawings of the 1921 Air Brake Repair Room addition to the side of the blacksmith shop.  The drawings is therefore an educated best guess and will be subjected to much further research.


MALLET ENGINE HOUSE  - Notes on Mallet Engine House Drawings


COHS #1403 (1947) Used with permission.


        1.    Framing Drawings As Built (1911-1942). Includes Plan View.

        2.    Exterior Elevations As Built (1911-1942). With drawings of various Monitors used.

        3.    Framing Drawings As Modified (1942-1959). Includes Plan View.

        4.    Exterior Elevations As Modified (1942-1959).

        5.    Mallet Engine House Situation Plan  - Scanned from C & O Drawing.

        6.    Store Room addition to Mallet Engine House (Bldg. 75).


C & O FREIGHT DEPOT - Present Day - Drawn by Bryson VanNostrand, AIA (Used with permission)

        1.    Floor Plan

        2.    Roof Plan

        3.    North & South Elevations

        4.    East & West Elevations

        5.    Section

        6.    Shed over 492' x 8' Loading Platform (C & O Drawing)

        7.    Hinton Freight Depot Area Plan (Drawn by W. E. Simonton III)

        8.    Hinton Freight Depot Pedestrian Bridge Location (Drawn by W. E. Simonton III)



        1.   Early Wood Passenger Station Design (SECOND PASSENGER STATION?) 

        2.   Early Wood Passenger Station Plan WORK IN PROGRESS

        3.   Brick Passenger Station "As Built" 1892. (THIRD PASSENGER STATION)

        4.   Brick Passenger Station Plan  WORK IN PROGRESS

        5.   Hinton Depot (Set 1)   (FINAL PASSENGER STATION APPEARANCE) HAER DRAWINGS 1.92 MB circa 1980

        6.   Hinton Depot (Set 2)   (FINAL PASSENGER STATION APPEARANCE) HAER DRAWINGS  1.13 MB circa 1980  Note


      CW CABIN        
Controlled the entrance into the west side of the Hinton Yards leading to the New River Subdivision

        1.    East Elevation                   Robert L. Hundman Drawing.  Balance of drawings published in Winter 2012 COHS Magazine.
2.    South Elevation                Posted with permission of COHS.

       MX CABIN    Controlled the entrance into the east side of the Avis Yards leading to the Alleghany Subdivision.

        1.    Standard two-story wood Cabin until 1942.

        2.    Unique single-story Cabin built in 1942 and located 1/3rd mile east of former location


C & O DRAWINGS (Referenced or linked on this website)

        1.    Tail Tracks added to turntable 1942.   Scanned from C & O Drawing.

        2.    Wood Partition between Stalls 11 & 12 C & O Dwg X-2708. Scanned C & O Drawing

        3.    Ash Pan Thawing Devices. Scanned from C & O Drawing.

        4.    Universal Cinder Conveyor Scanned from C & O Drawing.

        5.    Roundhouse Door Extensions  Scanned C & O Drawing

        6.    Fire Hose House - At Freight Platform Above Roundhouse - Scanned C & O Drawing

        7.    Scale House Bldg # 33 - Standard C & O Scale House used at Hinton Dwg. No. S-308


        1.   West Yard Hinton       1.82 MB (Incorrect railroad west of Roundhouse) See Hinton Yard pdf above. Note        

        2.   Hinton Depot (Set 1)   1.92 MB

        3.   Hinton Depot (Set 2)   1.13 MB  



        1.   Robertson Cinder Conveyor (SS Limited)

        2.    RO-WAY Overhead Door Details (1942 Roundhouse Extension) Scanned Document

        3.    Johns-Manville Transite Smoke Jack (Found in engineer's file for the 1942 Roundhouse Extension. See Here for Actual Config.


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