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Updated 05/26/2012

October 5, 2016


Added drawing of QN Cabin.  Not a Hinton structure but it was an iconic New River  Subdivision structure.


May 22, 2012


Posted updated drawing of Mallet Engine House to reflect the various Monitors which were on the Mallet Engine House from 1911 to 1941.


Posted 3D drawings of the 800 Ton Fairbanks Morse & Co. coal dock at Hinton.  Exterior almost complete with work to be done on the interior of the top of the Monitor and the Coal Bin.


February 25, 2012


Posted very preliminary drawings of Oil Room Storehouse & Office. WORK IN PROGRESS


February 20, 2012


Posted drawings of M1 Coal Dock for proposed Chessie passenger train and link to Russ Hass's drawings of the same. WORK IN PROGRESS


February 18, 2012


Posted drawings of two elevations CW Cabin prepared by Robert L. Hundman.  Full set published in COHS Magazine Winter 2012 with an article and photographs of CW Cabin.  Posted with permission of COHS.


January 4, 2011


Posted preliminary drawings of Scale House Building 33 at Hinton.  WORK IN PROGRESS


December 11, 2010


Posted "re-engineered" preliminary drawings of unknown type of Cinder Conveyor with photo from Hinton CSPR 281.  Same general type used at Gladstone & Cheviot.


November 25, 2010


1.    Posted Drawings of an early wood Passenger Station Design at Hinton. Probably the Second. Elevations & Floor Plan.

2.    Posted Drawings of the existing brick Passenger Station "As Built" circa 1892 before the additions which extended the station east and west and added second floors to the wings and the fire of 1913 which heavily damaged the station and resulted in the station being rebuilt with additional design changes. Elevations only.  Floor Plans to follow.


September 29, 2010


Began Posting Photos.


September 20, 2010


Posted drawing of Water Treatment Plant #99 (WORK IN PROGRESS)


September 12, 2010


Posted drawing of Grand Central Yard Office


September 11, 2010


Posted drawing of Electric Pump Station Bldg. 35.


September 10, 1010


Transferred Website to webspace provided by the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society, Inc.


Posted the following drawings:


1.    Assist. Yard Foreman's Office.  This later became the Grand Central Yard Office and was moved to the foot of Virginia Avenue.

2.    Updated drawings illustrating the Rear Elevations of Stalls 5 - 11 (1930).

3.    Drawings on details of Coal Dock Pit.

4.    Engine Supply & Ice HouseBldgs. 86 and 87. (SOME MINOR ADDITIONAL WORK TO DO)

5.    Store Room Bldg. 75.

6.    Concrete Wall proposed to replace the eastern end wall of the Roundhouse after Stall No. 1 was retired circa 1958.

7.    Elevation of Roundhouse Wall at Power House.


Reposted on website HAER drawing of West Yard at Hinton.  Note some errors west of roundhouse.


January 2, 2010


Added link (Link Page) to Industrial Sites on the New River Subdivision in the early 20th Century.


May 14, 2009


Added link to 1919 Book on Robertson Cinder Conveyors on Links page.  116 Pages with numerous photos.  More information on cinder conveyor advantages and cost savings that one can believe.  As a aside, the book noted that the President of the Rock Island reported in 1915 that a typical steam locomotive was running only 3 hours 38 minutes per each day!  Book is available in pdf format but one should use an upon to date Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 9.0.  My Adobe Acrobat 5.0 choked on the file but Adobe Acrobat 6.0 loaded the file with only a message that the file contained newer features that Acrobat 6.0.


March 2, 2009


Uploaded completed drawing of  Re-arrangement of Robertson Cinder Conveyor (Hinton-Phoebus 1943).


February 15, 2009


Uploaded Hinton Freight Depot Area Plan and C & O drawings of shed over 492' x 8' loading platform. C & O Freight Depot


February 14, 2009


Uploaded drawings of the resent day configuration of the the C & O Freight Depot at Hinton prepared by Bryson VanNostrand, AIA.  The drawings were done for the City of Hinton as part of its on-going efforts to restore the Freight Depot and are used with permission.


October 27, 2008


Added link to HINTON AND PROHIBITION Recollections of Paul R. Lilly of "What Happened in Hinton" from  History of Hinton not passed on to the children.


August 27, 2008


Uploaded Typical 1940's Passenger Car Consists


July 5, 2008


Uploaded drawings of the trusses for the 1942-43 extension to Roundhouse Stalls 14, 15, 16 & 17.


T-1 & T-2 Trusses

T-3 & T-4 Trusses


December 19, 2007


Uploaded drawing of Coal House Building #83 which was located to the rear of the shops and provided coal to the blacksmith shop and roundhouse via a chute.  Razed in the 1980's.  A very early draft.


August 3, 2007


Uploaded HAER drawings of the Hinton west yard and the Hinton Depot.  Unlike the other drawings these are in TIF format.  Note that the yard illustrated west of the roundhouse contains a number of errors and is a mix of the pre 1930 yard and the post 1930 yard.  The non-scale illustration in the article on steam operations is "correct" but not to scale.


May 31, 2007


Uploaded many of the drawings in high detail 1/4" Scale, i.e., except as noted the drawings will print in 1/48 Scale, and one may use Adobe Acrobat to zoom in to a very high resolution. The previously uploaded drawings were "printed" on 8.5 x 11 which limited the detail which could be seen.  All the drawings will be available shortly in very high resolution pdf format.


May 24, 2007


Revised Ice House & Icing Platform Building 30 (1934) Before western ice platform added.


May 22, 2007


Added revised and updated Roundhouse Plan 1916

Added Profile of Roundhouse Pits 14 thru 17 (As of 1916)


May 14, 2007


Added Profile of Roundhouse Pits 1 thru 11 (As of 1930)

Added Profile of Roundhouse Pits 12 & 13 (As of 1916)

Uploaded revised and updated Roundhouse Plan 1905-1910


October 30, 2005


Added buildings and info to Numbered Buildings List.


July 15, 2005


Posted beginnings of drawing of D&M Wash Machine Arrangement.


June 12, 2005


Posted drawings of 1930 Wash Rack (different & simpler design from the Wash Rack of circa 1947 following re-building).


June 3, 2005


Posted a list of the revisions to the Hinton (West Yard) Right of Way and Track Map.  Completed June 5, 2005


June 1, 2005


Posted drawing of re-arrangement of Robertson Cinder Conveyor which was moved from Hinton, WV, in 1943, to Phoebus, VA.

Drawings partially completed.


May 22, 2005


1.    Posted  two additional Roy Long Articles on operations at Hinton on this site instead of linking to Bernard Kempinsky's website on the New River Subdivision.  The site has not been updated since 2001, much has been removed, and I experienced a problem with MS IE while trying to access the site while checking outside links.


C&O TRAIN NO. 90, 'THE EXPEDITER', by Roy Long.



May 13, 2005


1.    Posted partially completed drawing of Chillingsworth Air Operated Cinder Hoist.


July 21, 2004


1.    Posted drawing of Turntable & Turntable Pit (Work in Progress)


July 19, 2004


1.     Posted drawing of Hostler's Shanty Building #103.


July 14, 2004


1.    Posted two drawings of Engine Wash Rack


2.    Posted updated drawing of 3 track Pit for Fairbanks Morse Universal Cinder Conveyor


June 12, 2004


1.    Posted C & O Drawing of Scale House (Part of C & O Standard Dwg. S-308 which was used at Hinton just west of depot).


2.    Posted C & O Drawing of Grand Central Yard Office (Part of C & O Dwg. 5520).(Since removed with posting of complete drawing.)


3.    Posted C & O Drawing of Fire Hose House near Freight House (C & O Dwg.X-1241)


4.    Posted copy of Johns-Manville Smoke Jack Drawing (Used as modified on Roundhouse and Mallet House in 1942).


June 9, 2004


1.    Completed posting drawings of the Mallet Engine House

                Framing of the Mallet Engine House 1911-1942.

                Mallet Engine House Elevation 1911-1942

                Framing of the Mallet Engine House 1942-1959.

                Mallet Engine House Elevations 1942-1959

                Mallet Engine House Situation Plan                     


May 13, 2004


1.    Posted drawings of the D & M Pump House Bldg 100.


2.    Linked Numbered Structures List to posted drawings.


May 10, 2004


1.    Finished uploading to website high-resolution Adobe Acrobat pdf files for all CADD generated files to replace low-resolution drawings.

       All drawings are now printable and using the zoom-in feature of Adobe Acrobat much additional detail can be seen in the CADD



2.    Posted drawings of the Machine Shop, Blacksmith Shop and Carpenter's Shop Building.


May 6, 2004


1.       Drawing of Roundhouse Doors and Extended Shed Roof used on Stalls 1 thru 13 (Here)


2.       Drawing of 3 track cinder conveyer pit for Universal Cinder Conveyor (Mellin Patent)(Here)


May 1, 2004


The author spent two days at the spring work session at the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society at Clifton Forge, Virginia, on the 22nd and 23rd of March, 2004.


One day  was spent indexing car lettering diagrams, but the second was spent indexing "As Built" drawings from the Hinton Subdivision.  The process turned up the following items of interest:


1.    Complete drawings of the 1950 system-wide diesel refueling system (which was also installed at Hinton), including the storage tank and foundations for it, the unloading systems and pump house.


2.    A drawing of the 115' turntable pit as built in 1922 (Hinton used a Bethlehem Twin-Span Turntable)..


3.    Additional drawings of the Engine Wash Rack sufficient to enable me to complete a set of drawings of the washing rack except for the wash machines themselves.  I will continue my research on those D&M Wash Machines.


March 15, 2004


Added Fire Hose (Building 70) to the posted drawings.


March 1, 2004


Added a partially completed drawing of the Arch Brick Store House (Building 88) to the posted drawings.





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