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Last updated 11/29/2010



An index of drawings in the authorís possession of Hinton, West Virginia C & O structures, engineering drawings, etc.Almost all were obtained from the C & O Historical Society, Inc., and would be in the archives at Clifton Forge, Virginia.However, many may not be indexed or otherwise yet available.

2. Additional drawings as information and time is available. Drawings with links to drawings are drawing in progress which are updated from time to time. The most active changes are on the Cinder Conveyor/Hoists.

a.     Drawings of Hinton 115' Turntable Pit (for Bethlehem Twin Span).
     Arch Brick Storehouse (Partially Complete).
c.     Fairbanks Morse Universal Cinder Conveyor (One, Two & Three Track Models).
d.    Chillingsworth Universal Cinder Hoist (1924) Not a Hinton item (used at Richmond, VA) but similar enough to the F-M to be worth the effort as it clearly shows the dump mechanism of "Universal Cinder Conveyors" manufactured by Fairbanks-Morse, Ogle, etc.
e.     Drawings of C & O Standard Water Column Base.
f.    Fairbanks Morse Part Plans for Coal Dock (Redrawn). 
g.    Engine Supply & Ice House.
h.    Pit Plan (Scale) with notes.
i.    Engine Wash Rack circa 1930.
j.    Concrete Block Wall used after Stall No. 1 of the Roundhouse was retired.  (Based upon proposal found in COHS files).
k.   D&M (Design & Manufacturing Corp.) Wash Machine Arrangement (For C & O Wash Rack).

3. Index of slides and photos taken by the author or in authorís possession of Hinton subjects and structures.
4. Passenger train consists and switching at Hinton.
5. Notes from A.F.E. Maps reflecting dates of additions, changes and retirements.
6. Boiler House - Bldg. 82
7. Oil Room Storehouse - Bldg. 73
8. Pumping Station - Bldg. 35
9. Chemical House & Water Treatment - Bldg. 99  (WORK IN PROGRESS)
10. Grand Central Yard Office




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